3 Reasons to Travel with Stretch Tourism

You like to travel, but don’t want the hassle of planning your own trip. We can help. Sure, there are many travel companies that can book a trip, but Stretch Tourism is uniquely positioned to provide the best experience possible in a responsible way. Read the top three reasons why you should travel with Stretch Tourism.

  1. Sustainable sites: Stretch Tourism only operates in tried and true sustainable destinations across the globe. Stretch Tourism’s travel packages are always in places we’ve visited, so we know the ins and outs of each country. This helps you put your mind at ease from a cultural perspective and ensures us that we’re providing a top-notch travel experience. In combination with the traveler’s experience, our sustainable sites keep exposure to environment top of mind.
  2. We give back: As one of the three key components of ecotourism, community development is critical to our business. In addition to supporting local culture and economy, we also dedicate a portion of our proceeds to select nonprofits.
  3. Travel ties: Stretch Tourism has the right connections in the right places. We leverage existing travel relationships, making it a win-win-win for tourists, businesses, and local communities.

We hope these are enough to sell you on one of our amazing ecotourism trips like a Costa Rican adventure but if not, contact us today to start the conversation.



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Stretch Tourism is a full service travel company based in Dallas, TX offering business consulting services and sustainable travel packages to tourists. We focus on ecotourism and transformative travel experiences.


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