Traveling Green: Here’s How to Save the Environment While on The Go
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When it comes to the subject of traveling green, many people who want to see the world think that this will take extra effort and cost. That could not be further from the truth.

We are not here to load you up with the sentiments, though. We have curated some of the top tips that will allow you to stay green during your travels. You will be better for it, and trust that the environment will also be grateful for you making such a choice.

Before You Travel

The decision to travel green comes starts before you leave your home.

Leaving appliances up and running will cause some emissions of their own, use up more energy, etc. That is why we recommend turning everything off before you leave home. At least, everything that can be kept off. For stuff that needs to be kept up – such as the water heater – make sure they are on their lowest settings. Unplug everything else to avoid phantom load.

Likewise, home is the best place to plan your itinerary such that it allows you to embrace greener concepts along the way. If you wait till you get where you are going, you might make mistakes and miss the point of traveling green in the first place.

Lest we forget, there is an added advantage in packing light. True, you get to save on transportation costs and avoid the unnecessary stress of lugging a bigger suitcase around, but doing so also helps mitigate fuel use.

Traveling Choices

If you are traveling on the ground, check to see if you can take a train to your destination. The train network in certain parts of the world is now so developed that they offer you faster, more efficient and reliable modes of transportation. In line with our discussion, trains generate the least amount of emissions per passenger. That is when compared to cars or other forms of road transport.

If traveling by air, choose a direct flight over connections. Most of the emissions from air travel occur at the point of takeoff and landing.

Of course, nonstop flights typically cost more than connecting flights. When you look at the impact of wanting to save a few dollars on the environment, though, you will agree with us that it is simply not worth it.

One of the ways by which technology is also helping us protect the environment is by going digital, made possible thanks to the Internet of Things. Most airlines now allow passengers to show digital copies of their boarding passes to board flights. Some train stations also allow this. By so doing, you get to save on paper and cut back on the environmental waste.

During Your Travels

A good place to start will be picking eco-friendly destinations. While this will make you more conscious about how your activities are impacting the environment, you can also learn a thing or two to take home. That helps you continue on the journey of making the world a better place.

There is a wide range of hotels that are calling themselves green these days. We recommend staying at one – but we also recommend looking for certificates and licenses that back up their claims (ISO 14001, Green Key, Green Globe, etc.).

Small actions taken by many yield big results. During your hotel stay, it’s recommended to reuse your towels and bedsheets to help save on water and electricity costs. As always, don’t forget to bring your reusable bottles with you.

Travel Safe Too

With these tips, we believe you can help save the environment while enjoying your beautiful trip at the same time. Don’t forget to have fun and stay safe too!

Guest Author: Chris Jones @TurnOnVPN

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