When it comes to the subject of traveling green, many people who want to see the world think that this will take extra effort and cost. That could not be further from the truth. We are not here to load you up with the sentiments, though. We have curated some of the top tips that

Picking a sustainable tourism consultant can be a difficult experience. It doesn’t have to be. Eco lodges, tour operators, travel agents and other professionals often require assistance in unfamiliar  areas. These companies and entrepreneurs are then faced with deciding between a large, general consulting firm or a more specialized consultant that focuses on sustainable tourism.

The tourism industry has been around a long time, so why the recent push for sustainable tourism? We have to look at this from many angles, including political, social, environmental and long term vision. Tourism is the fastest, I repeat, fastest growing industry. Having said that, it’s an understatement to claim that tourism makes an