How to Select the Right Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Picking a sustainable tourism consultant can be a difficult experience. It doesn’t have to be.

Eco lodges, tour operators, travel agents and other professionals often require assistance in unfamiliar  areas. These companies and entrepreneurs are then faced with deciding between a large, general consulting firm or a more specialized consultant that focuses on sustainable tourism.

Stretch Tourism has created a short list of four key items to take into consideration when choosing a sustainable tourism consultant for your needs.

  1. Working Relationship: As in any business relationship, the fit has to be right. Most consultants will set up a complementary consultation to understand your needs. You will be able to get a feel for how they work. Ask some of the following questions leading up to and during the consultation. Is the consultant organized? Are they prompt? Does the consultant listen?
  2. Experience and Certifications: There is no shortage of well qualified consultants, or at least those that claim to be. Finding a consultant with a broad skill set is important, but having specific experience, knowledge and the appropriate certification(s) in the tourism industry is critical. Similar to eco lodges, there are many certifications available for sustainable tourism professionals, including the Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management. A LEED Green Associate will always add benefit to a project, most especially for sustainable development.
  3. Passion: Find a consultant who has a passion for the business and for people. Travel is a unique industry, and sustainable tourism is even more niche. You know passion when you see it.
  4. Cost: Make sure the price is right. Just remember the age old saying, “You get what you pay for”. Shop around to understand the lay of the land.

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