Three Tips for Sustainable Travel this Memorial Day Weekend
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Memorial Day weekend is here. This weekend marks the kickoff of the summer travel season, often times causing a painful travel experience for the ill prepared.

According to AAA, 39.3 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home this weekend. That is one million more travelers than 2016, and the highest Memorial Day travel volume since 2005.

Check out the list below for three sustainable travel tips to help you get through the weekend.

  1. Timing is everything. Regardless if you are flying or driving, most notably driving, avoid peak times. Get to know your route in advance. For larger markets in the United States, research exists that shows potential issues and alternate routes. Make use of travel apps or websites like Waze and Google Maps to avoid bottlenecks. No one (vehicles included) likes sitting in traffic, plus the emissions produced from the perpetual stop and go are higher than if you’re cruising at a steady pace.
  2. Travel light. It’s only an extended weekend. Pack what you absolutely need. Ask luggageyourself, “Do I really need three pairs of shoes for each day?”. 99% of the time the answer is no. Traveling light is more efficient and makes it easier to get around. Oftentimes, less is more.
  3. Go sustainable. Select sustainable locations and activities. Sure, going to Disney World in Orlando sounds like a blast, but expect crowds and long lines. It’s not the most sustainable activity. Instead, check out a nearby park or campground. Do a nature walk with a local guide. Pick an eco-resort, hotel, or Airbnb host that is committed to sustainability and green tourism.

Bonus tip: If you decide to stay at home with family and friends this Memorial Day, instead of grilling traditional hot dogs and hamburgers, opt for a non-meat choice like a black bean burger or vegetables. Meat has a significant impact on the environment, considering the farm to table life cycle.

Remember What’s Important

This short list is focused on Memorial Day weekend, but can be applied to any major holidays. Memorial Day Weekend FlagsAs indicated by WalletHub, it’s important to remember Memorial Day is a time to honor Americans who have died in service to their country. With their sacrifice, you now have the choice to travel or enjoy a staycation. Stretch Tourism deeply appreciates and thanks those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

As always, travel light, travel right.


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