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Stretch Tourism has officially launched. We’re online for the world to see and ready to help people have the best travel experience possible, while being kind to mother nature and developing local communities.

Starting a travel company is something that I’ve tossed around for quite some time. After three years of researching ecotourism and brainstorming around travel startup ideas, I realized the urge was not going to fade anytime soon.

Additionally, I’ve followed the United Nations progress since the 17 sustainInternational Year of Sustainable Tourismable development goals were introduced in September 2015. I was thrilled to learn that 2017 was declared as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the UN.

The question remained, why not start a travel business? So…I picked a business name, registered the company, and a month later, here we are.

Personally, travel has changed my life, enabling me to stretch my boundaries, see different cultures, and meet new people. It’s brought me closer to friends and family. Travel has made me wiser and more open minded in today’s global environment. Most importantly, I am a better human being because of my adventures. It is Stretch Tourism’s goal to help people achieve memorable experiences, sustainably, whether it’s by offering travel packages or working directly with tour operators.

And with that, I welcome you to join the journey of Stretch Tourism. I hope you’ll come along for the ride by completing our newsletter form to get updates and travel tips, and also follow us on all of our social media channels.

As always, travel light, travel right.


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Stretch Tourism
Stretch Tourism is a full service travel company based in Dallas, TX offering business consulting services and sustainable travel packages to tourists. We focus on ecotourism and transformative travel experiences.


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