The first Friday of June is National Doughnut Day. June 2, 2017 also happened to be: National Leave the Office Early Day, National Rocky Road Day, National Bubba Day, and National Rotisserie Chicken Day. But let’s set those to the side, because TODAY, the first Saturday of June, marks National Trails Day® in the United

Memorial Day weekend is here. This weekend marks the kickoff of the summer travel season, often times causing a painful travel experience for the ill prepared. According to AAA, 39.3 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home this weekend. That is one million more travelers than 2016, and the highest Memorial

Stretch Tourism has officially launched. We’re online for the world to see and ready to help people have the best travel experience possible, while being kind to mother nature and developing local communities. Starting a travel company is something that I’ve tossed around for quite some time. After three years of researching ecotourism and brainstorming around travel startup ideas,